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The New Genoa Bridge. The Chronicle of a Rebirth

Ponte Genova San Giorgio illuminato con tricolore

The story, history and account of those who imagined, designed and built the work

A Webuild-Rizzoli volume on the construction of the new Genoa San Giorgio Bridge: The book gives a voice to those who took part in the project accompanied by a photographic story that traces the construction phases of the bridge. It gives a face to the engineers, technicians and skilled workers, going back through the months to the birth of the new bridge.

Texts, drawings and images that follow one another, which perhaps could be summarized in the subtitle of the book: "The Chronicle of a rebirth". And when speak of a rebirth, we do not just do so from a practical point of view, speaking only of the viaduct that has risen after the Morandi Bridge collapse. We do so in a much broader sense, which embraces Genoa as a whole.

The volume combines both historical accounts and memories, technical aspects and technology. Just like the DNA of this infrastructure, which is light yet solid, transparent yet sturdy, sustainable yet innovative. All adjectives that the new Genoa San Giorgio Bridge wears naturally. Together with the commitment, the passion, and the devotion offered by all the Webuild people who did the work, there is the form and the substance of a beautiful accomplishment, but above all a discreet one— which is how Renzo Piano imagined it—because it’s as if bridge itself were asking for permission to blend in with Genoa's landscape and to enter the eyes of its citizens. A work that was born to heal a wound, and that has soon become a source of pride  for the city and the country as a whole.

The photographic book tells of the sacrifice and work of all those who contributed to building this great work. No matter whether entrepreneurs, managers, technicians or workers, everyone added an important piece to the growth of our country. A bridge that firstly was a construction site, with the stories of the lives and passion of those who lived and worked, night and day, round the clock, in this construction site, transforming it into a great collective effort, while the whole world was watching.

Due to the very tight deadlines, foreseen for the process, and the ever new challenges that occurred over the months, the construction site was, at the same time, a place where the unexpected was right around the corner, and a flower about to bloom. In this perennially unstable equilibrium, the new Genoa San Giorgio bridge is the offspring of technology and know-how, of aesthetics and engineering, of almost artisanal technique and the entrepreneurial breath of Italy.

From the safety of the work to the care, also in terms of aesthetics, taken in the choice of every single material that was used, the bridge became an example of our country’s ability to make things that are beautiful as well as of the utmost quality, thanks to two unique, fundamental ingredients: the competence and passion of those who put their personal life aside, putting so much effort in achieving something greater.

The New Genoa Bridge. The Chronicle of a Rebirth

The New Genoa Bridge. The Chronicle of a Rebirth

photographic book about the new Genoa Bridge, whose photographs illustrate the grandeur of the infrastructure and the stubborn determination of people. This book celebrates the work carried out by all those who put something personal aside to devote themselves to the success of such an ambitious project.


Having accepted the challenge to complete the building of the new Genoa bridge in record time was a huge responsibility, that of beating every previous record to heal a deep wound, and to tell Genoa, Italy, and the whole world a different story than usual, a story of excellence, passion, competence, devotion to work. An example of what is known as made in Italy that is perhaps less famous, but equally recognized around the world: that of infrastructures

Pietro SaliniCEO Webuild
Video presentation of the Webuild-Rizzoli photographic book: "The New Genoa Bridge. The Chronicle of a Rebirth"
Ponte Genova

Photostory San Giorgio Genoa Bridge

The photographic story of the stages and salient moments of the new bridge, of the works that testify the majesty of a project that connects the two sides of the Polcevera, of the protagonists who have imagined, designed and built an iconic work for Genoa and for Italy.

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The New Genoa Bridge. The Chronicle of a Rebirth

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