Genoa's San Giorgio Bridge: One year later

Genova: Ponte San Giorgio un anno dopo

3 August 2020 - 3 August 2021.
The San Giorgio Bridge is one year old.

One year since the inauguration celebrated with the Frecce Tricolori's acrobatic air show, in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

An event very significant that represented many stories and many meanings, all together encompassing the sense of national unity, the desire for rebirth after the hardest Covid-19 months as well as the will to overcome the Morandi Bridge tragedy.

Today, the bridge represents an example of how Italy can accelerate its path of economic recovery through infrastructure built rapidly.

The Concert at the foot of the New Genoa Bridge

An event celebrating teamwork and the relaunch of Italy.

Over 1,000 people were continuously involved in building the bridge

Engineers, technicians, workers at work, day, and night, only stopping at Christmas and on New Year’s. Up to 40 teams operating, concomitantly, to carry out work in what was, in fact, a widespread construction site: A work built simultaneously, from one bank to the other of the Polcevera River.

"Wonderful people who built it with their hearts. People who know how to build and carry out great works with their hands. 1,000 names, who through their work have given back confidence and hope to the whole of Italy."

Stories First Series: The protagonists of the Genova San Giorgio Bridge

Through the personal experiences of Group's men and women, Stories tells the story of a construction site, symbol of Italy’s revival.

The Genova model: : the Bridge’s legacy

The legacy that the bridge leaves behind, besides the technical and engineering skills expressed by the Webuild Group, who carried out the work with Fincantieri, is the ability to transform a construction site into a great opportunity for collaboration with all concerned players and in one joint effort.

The so-called "Genoa Model", which has become the expression of a new way of transforming investments into tangible works, comes from the operational efficiency ensured by the construction companies on the one hand and on the other, by the "team work" collaborative approach adopted by all those involved: the Commissioner, the institutions, the manufacturers, the supply chain companies, the controlling entities and society.

The Genoa Model: a success story

This bridge represents a new way of doing infrastructure in Italy. It is a symbol and proof that even in Italy strategic public works can be built within the right timeframe, at the right cost and in respect of norms and safety rules. This bridge leaves us a lesson of hope for the future.

Pietro SaliniCEO Webuild
Over 300 companies with Webuild for the new Genoa San Giorgio Bridge

Over 300 companies with Webuild for the new Genoa San Giorgio Bridge

The new bridge is the result of a choral work. 1,000 people: engineers, technicians and workers and supplier companies, excellences from all over Italy who have given their contribution to return its bridge to Genoa.

Ponte Genova: la filiera italiana dietro il ponte dei record costruito da Webuild

A great work, a symbol of Italy’s rebirth

The new "Per Genova" Bridge is an essential junction to connect with France, the port and in general with the surrounding areas: An essential element to restore Genoa's role as a major port and commercial city and to give a new impulse to the mobility and connections of Liguria and the country .

An impressive, modern and sustainable infrastructure completed in record time thanks to a construction site that has never stopped, always active 7 days a week for 24 hours a day. 12 months for the construction of the new bridge, starting from the delivery of the areas and 1,000 people involved in the construction site in the design and construction activities to return to Genoa a strategic work for the mobility and occupation of the city and the Ligurian territory.

The new bridge consists of a steel deck with a continuous girder measuring 1067 metres in length, with 19 spans and supported by 18 elliptical-section, constant-shape reinforced concrete piers. A majestic work, with an innovative design inspired by sustainability and engineering excellence criteria. Perfectly integrated with the surrounding area, the bridge recalls a ship’s hull, in harmony with the Polcevera Valley. A complex and cutting-edge design, which guarantees the infrastructure’s safety and solidity, over time, relaunching the competitiveness of the local and national economic system.

The new Genova San Giorgio Bridge: an innovative way to build

From the construction site to the new bridge: A 360 ° journey

A trip inside the 24/7 worksite that never stops
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Genoa is a source of pride and example of italian excellence. The Genoa Model reflects the pragmatism of the Genovese, the sort of pragmatism that gets things done without saying too many words. We have to apply this model elsewhere in Italy in such a way that all interested parties work together in developing public works

Pietro SaliniCEO Webuild

Il racconto fotografico di un cantiere sotto gli occhi del mondo

Parola alle immagini delle tappe, dei lavori dei protagonisti che hanno immaginato, progettato e costruito un'opera iconica per Genova e per l'Italia

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The New Genoa Bridge. The Chronicle of a Rebirth

The New Genoa Bridge. The Chronicle of a Rebirth

photographic book about the new Genoa Bridge, whose photographs illustrate the grandeur of the infrastructure and the stubborn determination of people. This book celebrates the work carried out by all those who put something personal aside to devote themselves to the success of such an ambitious project.

Genova: Ponte San Giorgio un anno dopo

Information material - Bridge project over the Strait of Messina
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