June 22, 2020

The first vehicle on Genoa’s new bridge


MILAN, June 22, 2020 – At 9:57 a.m. today, the first vehicle crossed Genoa’s new bridge. Aboard it was Pietro Salini, chief executive of Webuild, a global leader in the construction of complex infrastructure projects that built the bridge. The crossing was the first to be made by a private vehicle as Webuild brings the bridge to completion with Fincantieri and Italferr in record time.

“Going across here today evokes a unique emotion,” said Salini. “It highlights all the effort and passion of these last few months. It also proves that public works can be done in Italy and done within a short period of time.”

Accompanied by Webuild General Manager Massimo Ferrari and Nicola Meistro, chief executive of PerGenova (the entity formed by Webuild and Fincantieri), Salini then walked across the entire 1,067-metre length of the bridge, stopping to talk to workers, technicians and engineers who are busy on the final phase of construction. With the concrete base of the deck completed in less than two weeks, solar panels are being installed to enable the bridge to be energy self-sufficient.

“From the beginning, we knew that this would be a project different from the others,” said Salini. “Today, what companies and institutions succeeded in doing in Genoa must serve as an example for the entire country. Italy can start again: it has at its disposal the talent, the energy, the passion and the expertise. And we at Webuild are ready to contribute to the reconstruction of the country.”

During the visit, work along the deck progressed. The goal: to complete the work by the end of July and deliver the bridge to Genova.

The first vehicle on Genoa’s new bridge

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