July 28, 2020

“Io c’ero” (I was there): a tribute to the workers behind Genoa’s New Bridge, symbol of Italy’s revival


Io c'ero Ponte Genova Concerto

MILAN, July 28, 2020 – The sound of Italy’s national anthem – Inno di Mameli – marked the end of the concert performed by the Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (Orchestra of the Santa Cecilia National Academy) and conducted by Musical Director Antonio Pappano at the foot of Genoa’s new bridge at a private event yesterday evening entitled “The New Genoa Bridge: We Build the Future”. Hosted by Webuild and Fincantieri and organised by Webuild, it was dedicated to the victims of the collapsed Morandi Bridge as well as the engineers, technicians and all the businesses and institutions that took part in the construction of the bridge in record time.

With the slogan “Io c’ero” (“I was there”), the event was attended by architect Renzo Piano, Webuild Chief Executive Pietro Salini, Fincantieri General Manager and PerGenova Consortium President Albetro Maestrini, Genoa Mayor and Extraordinary Commissioner Marco Bucci, Liguria Governor Giovanni Toti, Genoa Archbishop Monsignor Marco Tasca, Cardinal Angela Bagnasco and Prefect Carmen Perrotta. A book entitled “Il Nuovo Ponte di Genova – Cronaca di una rinascita (“The New Genoa Bridge – The Chronicle of a Rebirth”) published by Rizzoli and a commemorative medal were distributed.

“This bridge reflects the enormous pride of having been a part of this dream, together with all the marvelous people who did it from the heart. It was done by all of you, from the heart of Webuild. We are those who build, here are the people who know how to do this with their hands. This evening, we give thanks to those who put their heart into this project. They have enabled us to say we did it,” Webuild Chief Executive Pietro Salini said in an address to the workers attending the event. “It is with great satisfaction to be able to stand before you whose more than 1,000 names are inscribed on this large plaque. You have given confidence and hope to an entire country in a year as complicated as this one.”

“I have three thoughts,” said Genoa Mayor Bucci. “The first is to the 43 victims and their families. Then I think of the city of Genoa and its 600,000 residents, who suffered from the fall of the bridge. I also think of you,” he added, gesturing towards the workers of PerGenova, Webuild and Fincantieri sitting before the stage. “You worked on this bridge. You are great, you are technicians from companies that are world leaders in their field. You worked with head and heart. There was passion. You are the Italy that works. You can say to everyone: I built the bridge.”

Governor Toti also spoke with the same words, congratulating the workers who were involved in the construction of the bridge. “The new Genoa bridge is not only a model (for the country) but also the spirit of Genoa. It exhibits the ability of so many people to work together and believe in a common goal.”

Architect Piano also expressed his satisfaction. “Is it a Genovese bridge? I think so, it is a bridge that does its job well. It is an urban bridge. It is one born out of a tragedy. I came up with the idea, and other people built it. This is not a bridge, it is a ship. A white vessel. Sober, simple, strong.”

“This is a real beginning,” said Maestro Pappano before the concert. “This evening, we perform music by Beethoven, who was the greatest “musical architect” in history. With his creativity, his ability to experiment, like a gritty figure for strength to arrive to finish a project, a perfect metaphor for this evening.”

After initial greetings, the orchestra performed one of the most emotional compositions by Samuel Barber as a dedication to the 43 victims of the Morandi bridge. The powerful incipit of Beethoven’s Fifth followed. The performance prompted more than a minute of applause from all those present.

“Io c’ero” (I was there): a tribute to the workers behind Genoa’s New Bridge, symbol of Italy’s revival

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