Genova San Giorgio Bridge: A great work, built in record time

Ponte Genova

The Genoa Model: a success story

Fifteen months of construction. Four hundred and fifty days which saw workers persevere through extraordinary events such as the COVID-19 pandemic to complete the Genova San Giorgio Bridge across the Polcevera riverbed and return to the city a strategic piece of its road network that supports an average of 43,200 vehicle journeys a day.

The bridge represents what many have come to call the “Genova Model”, a new way of building infrastructure whose efficiency of execution is based on several key factors: collaboration, transparency, teamwork, safety.

The Genoa Model: a success story

A symbol of rembrance and hope, for the revival revival of the city of Genoa and Italy

August 3, 2020: 15 months after construction began on the project, the Genova San Giorgio bridge reunites the two sides of the Polcevera Valley.

The new bridge is an essential element to restore Genoa's role as a major port and commercial city and to give a new impulse to the mobility and connections of Liguria and the country . An impressive, modern and sustainable infrastructure completed in record time thanks to a construction site that has never stopped, always active 7 days a week for 24 hours a day. 12 months for the construction of the new bridge, starting from the delivery of the areas and 1,000 people involved in the construction site in the design and construction activities to return to Genoa a strategic work for the mobility and occupation of the city and the Ligurian territory.

The new bridge is a majestic work with an innovative design inspired by sustainability criteria and engineering excellence, perfectly integrated with the surrounding area: the bridge recalls the bow of a ship in harmony with Val Polcevera. 

Stories First Series: The protagonists of the Genova San Giorgio Bridge

Through the personal experiences of Group's men and women, Stories tells the story of a construction site, symbol of Italy’s revival.

Italy’s supply chain behind the Bridge of records

Italy’s supply chain behind the Bridge of records

330 companies - medium- and especially small-sized - from across Italy provided more than €160 million in supplies and services for the construction of Genoa’s new bridge. A virtuous model that made the most of the capabilities of the infrastructure sector.


This bridge represents a new way of doing infrastructure in Italy. It is a symbol and proof that even in Italy strategic public works can be built within the right timeframe, at the right cost and in respect of norms and safety rules. This bridge leaves us a lesson of hope for the future.

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Multimedia Genoa Bridge

The multimedia story of the works to build the new Genoa Bridge. The stories and personal accounts of the people inside and outside the construction site.

Watch the Genoa Bridge Video Channel
The New Genoa Bridge. The Chronicle of a Rebirth

The New Genoa Bridge. The Chronicle of a Rebirth

photographic book about the new Genoa Bridge, whose photographs illustrate the grandeur of the infrastructure and the stubborn determination of people. This book celebrates the work carried out by all those who put something personal aside to devote themselves to the success of such an ambitious project.

Spazio Ponte:a permanent, interactive and multimedia exhibition

Spazio Ponte:a permanent, interactive and multimedia exhibition

Spazio Ponte hase been for several months a meeting and information point dedicated to the new bridge, where it ha been possible to learn the technical characteristics of the work, admire the model tested in the wind tunnel, measure oneself against digital reconstructions of the infrastructure, practice in the laboratories, immerse oneself in the construction site following the images taken from the drones, discover how to build a bridge.

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