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It all begins with a whole of activities on the ground that intersect with those of the demolishers as they tear down what is left of the old Ponte Morandi. Everything is done in parallel, the workers in their different roles intersect and organize complex activities within the same spaces. Hundreds of men working in a limited amount of space, cut in two by the Polcevera River that crosses the valley and flows into the sea.

The most representative moment of these parallel procedures took place between late June and early July 2019. On June 25, at 3:51 p.m., when the siren of the building site was sounded, the first concrete was poured for the foundations of  the new bridge. A few days later, on June 28, piers 10 and 11 of the old Morandi Bridge were demolished with a spectacular explosion that was broadcast around the world. From the very start, the rhythm of the work was intense. The bridge was developed from below the ground, in between the positioning of the pier foundations and the scaffolding of the plinths.

Tasks that were often invisible from the outside, but that laid the foundations for the vertical climb. 

Ponte Genova

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