Photostory Genoa Bridge
A building site high off the ground


Multiple building sites that progress simultaneously. While on the ground the foundations and piers are built, as high up as 40 meters off the ground the work is done to install the decks where the streets of the new bridge will run. In a highly urbanized area, the first challenge was to  complete the underground works, the second to increase the number of piers, the third to launch the decks.and the fourth and last challenge to work high off the ground.

It is a story within a story that began on October 1. 2019, when the first deck measuring 50 meters in length was launched above ground. One launch after another for all 19 decks. including the work that had to be done to raise the three 100-meter  decks weighing about 2.000 tons 40 meters above ground. One step at a time, the bridge has redrawn the skyline of the Polcevera Valley, while the building site develops above ground by means of the operations on the decks to mount the systems and accessories.

These are the "accessories" of a single work, one that is both beautiful and innovative

Ponte Genova

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PhotoStory Ponte Genova Il cantiere in quota

Information material - Bridge project over the Strait of Messina
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