Photostory Genoa Bridge
Concrete Skyskrapers


Eighteen skyscrapers made of reinforced concrete. Majestic giants that sink their roots 50 meters below  the surface, and tower another 40 meters skywards. These are the piers built to support the deck of the new Genoa  bridge, made in just a handful of months thanks to teams working 24 hours a day, with three 8-hour shifts each.

The dimension of these giants tells us a great deal about the grandeur and stability of the bridge, but also about its beauty. Their elliptical shape allows the light to  slide down the surface better, mitigating their visual impact and obtrusiveness in the urban context. Grandeur that comes with the constant attention to aesthetics and the quality of the materials. The components of the mixture of concrete used all come from the same quarry so that all the piers are similar in color. Furthermore, every pouring of the concrete was tested to make sure that it corresponded to the strictest criteria in terms of quality and safety. as well as to the aesthetic features.

The result of this are eighteen slender, tapered skyscrapers that are equally imposing, shaped so that they cut through the wind and offer the viewer a feeling of lightness, giants that support this ship in the middle of the Polcevera Valley. 

Ponte Genova

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Information material - Bridge project over the Strait of Messina
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